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Autism is a condition that affects a huge number of individuals.  While there is a genetic component, the numbers have been steadily increasing due to the huge amount of enviornmental toxins that are bombarding us from the moment of conception.


The good news is that a large portion of autistic individuals are NOT locked into their condition.  Great strides have been made in treating autism - and progress is being made every day. 


There is no doubt that a large portion of autistic individuals have severe gastrointestinal issues (including food allergies, absorption issues, and permeability problems) as well as a general problem in detoxification.  This means that even small amounts of environmental stresses like heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics that the average person can detox are not excreted from the body.  In addition, it has been found that the SNPs (Single Nucleotides Polymorphisms), genetic variation among people, have played an important role in the overall functions of the body.  Hence, optimal bodily functions can be achieved once those SNPs are prevented from becoming contaminated and the detoxification system is enhanced.