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"The Tack Laws"

1) If you are sitting on a tack, it takes a lot of aspirin to make it feel good.

2) If you are sitting on two tacks, removing just one does not result in a 50% improvement.

3) If you are sitting on three tacks, you may have an environmental problem.

You could replace the word "aspirin" in the first law with pharmaceuticals, supplements, etc., and you still have not removed the tack. And by covering up the symptoms instead of removing the problem, things can get worse.

The second tack law illustrates the point that most illnesses are a product of several different problems.  Addressing just one of them (removing just one tack) will not completely solve the problem and sometimes may not even appear to be helping.  All the problems (tacks) need to be addressed in the treatment plan.

When considering general detoxification, it is important to keep in mind that problems can also be caused by a shortage of a needed substance, such as protein, vitamins, and/or minerals, etc.  This can be (1) a shortage of nutrient intake or (2) a shortage due to increaed nutrient usage in the detoxification pathways, triggered by an increased toxic load.  For this reason, quality supplements are given during detoxificaion.

During any type of detoxification, special consideration has to be given to liver support (because it is the major detoxifiction machine).  This is done by a supplementation plan designed specifically for use during the detoxification period.  Liver support is critical whether the detoxification treatment chosen is a gentle food-based plan, one that involves stimulation of the excretion pathways, or a stronger chelation program.


A typical detoxification plan involves:

     * Removing the exposure to toxic substances

     * Improving circulation

     * Stimulation of the liver, kidney, gastrointestinal system,
        lungs, & skin

     * Reduction or transformation of stress