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Roland Tay, ND

Dr. Tay's interests in medicine started at a very young age.  While he was studying pharmacology as a second-year medical student at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, he was shocked by their myriad side-effects in comparison to their therapeutic effects.  He was further limited to the therapeutic options that he could offer to his patients.  That was how his journey to naturopathic medicine started.

Additionally, Dr. Tay was a Texas- and Oregon-certified teacher in Special Education.  He had worked with children with learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and autistic spectrum disorders.  He was also an Anatomy & Physiology professor at Collin College, a Collin-County Community College, and Eastfield College, a Dallas-County Community College.

He then attended the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), Portland, Oregon, to study naturopathic medicine.  He graduated with a ND (Naturopathic Doctorate) degree, and is practicing naturopathic medicine in Harbor City, California.  NUNM, the oldest naturopathic medical school in North America, is an accredited four-year naturopathic medical school that leads the nation in alternative medicine research.  During his time in Portland, Oregon, he studied naturopathic medicine and homeopathy.  Dr. Tay also pursued extra training in cancer co-therapy and environmental medicine, both special interests of his.

Dr. Tay took over the Natural Health Partners Clinic from Dr. Stephen Knight because of his belief in the power of working together in a partnership for health.  He rejects the prevalent philosophy that he encountered, both here and abroad, that invests doctors with the power to dictate to, or to scare individuals.  Rather he believes that the sharing of information is the key to empowering patients.  Dr. Tay envisions a true partnership with not only the patient, but with other healthcare professionals as well.  This includes both his allopathic brothers, such as cooperating oncologists, endocrinologists, etc., and other supporting health professionals, such as acupuncturists, yoga teachers, lymph-message therapists, etc. 
Furthermore, Dr. Tay has done volunteer work for his church as well as working here in the States for various groups.  He recently attended a medical mission in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where he treated over 300 patients. 

He also lectures at the Cancer Community Support Center at Redondo Beach.




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