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There is currently limited coverage of Naturopathic Medicine by most insurance carriers in California.  However, more insurance companies are starting to add naturopathic insurance coverage and some other carriers consider Naturopathic Doctors as "out-of-network providers".  Cigna, Great Western, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Health Care have offered full or partial reimbursement to some policy holders in the past.  At this time, Medicare and Medi-Cal do not seem to be covering Naturopathic Physicians.  In addition, if you have a flexible savings plan or a health savings plan, some or all of the costs may be covered.  Also, most PPO insurance plans will cover most lab work and diagnostic imaging that is ordered.  

We are sure that California will follow the lead of other states, like Washignton & Oregon, that have developed very good naturopathic insurance coverage.  This occured over time as the companies found that the value received by using preventive and holistic medicine was cost efficient.  Meanwhile, this insurance problem in California is offset, in part, by the fact that this allows most Naturopathic Physicians to follow the optimal protocols for the patients, without having to conform to insurance specified treatments in order to qualify for payments.  This also allows the doctor to spend more time with the patient and not get locked into a business-controlled protocol.  In fact, Natural Health Partners does not accept any funds directly from insurance carriers.

For these reasons, payment is due at the time of service.  For individuals with insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to check for any coverage requirements of each visit.  We cannot guarantee insurance coverage, nor do we bill any insurance carrier directly.  However, we are happy to prepare a summary of the treatment billing codes and charges, on the standard insurance paperwork, for your submission to your insurance carrier.

It is a good idea to ask your insurance carrier the following questions:

    *  Are any preventive or alternative forms of medicine covered under your policy?

    *  If so, are Naturopathic Medical charges covered?  

    *  Do you need a referral before your visit?

    *  Can Naturopathic Doctors be considered as out-of-network providers? 

    *  What lab and imaging coverage is covered from out-of-network providers?

    *  Do you need to use specific billing forms for reimbursement? 

    *  What specific information is needed to facilitate quick reimbursement?


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