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Why all the Paperwork?

To serve you better!  Successful health care and preventive medicine are only possible when the doctor has a thorough understanding of your health physically, mentally and emotionally. Please complete all the forms as thoroughly as possible. Mark anything you do not understand with a question mark and discuss it with the doctor later.

We need to find out all we can about your situation before you come for your appointment.  Yes, we can ask you questions and review basic information while you are in the office;  BUT that takes away from your interactive time with the doctor.

So here is what we would like for you to do:

STEP 1:  Please download the Health Status Form below and fill it out as completely as possible.  Then fax or mail it so that we receive it a couple of days before your appointment. 


STEP 2:  Please download the following files, fill them out, sign and return them to us.  One is the HIPPA form on patient privacy (among other things, it explains that we protect your medical information and do not release it to anybody, who is not legally allowed to receive it, without first getting your permission), the others are to explain office procedures and to get basic contact and billing information on file.  


Informed Consent Form

Office ProceduresForm

Patient Information Form

STEP 3:   Information Releases 
You may or may not need to use this form. If you have recently seen another doctor or if there are medical records, labs, or other reports that would help Natural Health Partners to find the optimal treatment, please download this release form. 

Fill out one form for each doctor or clinic who has the relevant medical information, then after signing and dating, fax or mail them to your doctor(s).  The records will then be forwarded to Natural Partners to be reviewed and placed in your file.  

Release of Information Form

Thanks for helping us to get things rolling.

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