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Prolotherapy is derived from the word "prolo" which indicates "proliferation" or "causing proliferation" (growth).  It indicates the growth or formation of new ligamnets, tissues, etc. in areas that are lax or have been injured.  This is accomplished through the natural production of collagen and cartilage.  This newly formed collagen is integral in strengthening and restoring joints.


Prolotherapy is helpful not only when there is damage through trauma, but also when there is abnormal wear and stretching, as well as when the healing process did not progress to proper completion (as sometimes occurs when the immune system is weak or when anti-inflammatory medications were used).

Prolotherapy can be used for a great number of issues including:



Musculoskeletal pain


Back and Neck pain


Sports injuries

Unresolved whiplash injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Chronic tendonitis

Partially torn tendons, ligaments, and cartilage

Degenerated or herniated discs



And more.....


Prolotherpy is often an alternative to more invasive arthroscopic surgery.  It involves the injection of non-active irritants into areas of the body that are judged to have been damaged or to be at non-optimal physiological levels.  These agents cause the area to become irritated, and, voila, this starts a normal physiological healing process through natural stem cells, leading to proliferation of new structures.