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The only way to acomplish a goal is by having a VISION. Without the ability to see the mission acomplished, nothing is possible. And the only way to acomplish a complex and intricate mission is to be very thorough and build upon a solid foundation. 

This is possible!

Vision Statement:

Our Medical System will evolve to provide a comprehensive resource for those individuals who are traveling the road from chronic disease to health, a road currently often littered with misdiagnoses, frustration, and despair for the complex patient. For those who have historically been treated merely symptomatically, usually without success, the future will be a system that supports and restores normal physiological function and, thus, offers hope for healing.

Our current health care system is the best in the world at treating acute medical problems.  But when it comes to chronic medical conditions (the vast majority of both the number of medical problems and the total costs of health care), there is another side to the story.  The current "One Problem = One Pill" medical philosophy is great for the pharmaceutical industry and doctors who see 8-10 patients an hour, but unless we have that acute emergency situation, it usually fails most of us badly. 

Here is the link to a You Tube video discussing the value of naturopthic medicine in dealing with chronic conditions.  And here is another link to a You Tube video dealing with our vision on how to make these necessary changes in our health care system.

For optimal health to be achieved, it is important to understand our philosophy -- that the person who is doing the work in any healing situation is the patient, not the physician. The physician should be there to help you acomplish what is possible. With that in mind, the tools to accomplish the goal of optimizing health are found in the training and philosophy that is the foundation of Naturopathic Medicine.

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