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Hormonal Issues

When most people hear about a hormonal imbalance, it is common to think in terms of a "stand alone" problem related to the thyroid hormone, the adrenal hormone "cortisol", insulin, or one of the sex hormones (for example, estrogen).  Below is a great depiction of the interrelationship of the different hormones -- how some endocrine glands stimulate other hormones, some reduce the secretion of other hormones, and some even have different layers of effects.






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The complexity becomes even more intriguing when you take into account that hormones affect all aspects of our metabolism, body, mind, and emotions.  And our metabolism, body, mind, and emotions can effect our endocrine glands.

With this in mind, the best way to address hormonal issues is to start with the broad and gentle approach of working with the components of the basic treatment protocol like sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc.  From there, and if needed, we would add herbals, nutraceuticals, and/or glandulars.  As a last resort, we would examine the possibility of hormonal replacement or supplementation. The conditions on the right side of the page are commonly treated successfully with naturopathic approaches.

Currently there is a lot of interest in "anti-aging".  This is a term that is not really suited for our natuopathic approach to medicine.  We are all aging and the concept of not aging is not only misleading, but troubling to the concept of healthy aging.  I prefer the concept of optimizing our health, at all levels, throughout life -- or Graceful Aging

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